PROUD & PAWSOME - Essential Bundle

PROUD & PAWSOME - Essential Bundle

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Treat your fur baby with a matching 4-piece bundle and save money! 

This bundle includes selected items from our fun 'Let's Have a Cuddle Avocado' collection:

  • 1 x Adjustable Harness: Lil Zoomi's harnesses are designed specifically to be adjustable at the neck and chest of your fur baby. The fully adjustable polyester webbing neck and chest straps are designed to enable a tailored fit to your fur baby, with a sturdy, secure and durable D-ring and lock buckle for ease of mind during walkies. We have carefully selected neoprene material for it's extremely soft and padded texture, durability and flexibility which allows for air-flow and full movement without restraint to ensure your fur baby's comfort during walkies. Neoprene is known for it's air-breathable, water-resistant and anti-bacterial benefits. We encourage washing our harnesses with cold water and allowing to air dry. 
  • 1 x Collar: Lil Zoomi's collars are created with neoprene material for it's extremely soft padded, light-weight, durable and quick drying features, designed to reduce strain on your fur baby's neck during walkies. Neoprene is known for it's air-breathable, water-resistant and anti-bacterial benefits.
  • 1x Leash: Lil Zoomi's leashes are printed with a stylish design and are created with neoprene material lined with polyester strap webbing, carefully selected for it's light-weight, durable and quick drying features.
  • 1 x Poop-Bag Holder: Lil Zoomi's poop-bag holders are an essential accessory for all fur babies. Printed with a stylish design and created to be attached by the clasp of the pouch to the D-ring on your leash.

Make sure you measure your fur baby against our size guide before purchasing.