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Slow Feed Lick Mat

Slow Feed Lick Mat

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Give your fur baby time to enjoy meals with a LIL ZOOMI Slow Feed Lick Mat - an essential pick for fast eaters!

An engaging, mental and physical stimulation tool, that challenges and rewards your fur baby by giving your pet small portions of food or treats, every time they engage with the mat. Keep your fur baby happy, healthy, and occupied

An amazing way to engage your dog with an activity that both occupies and rewards!

Make eating an interactive activity, rather than just a meal

  • The texture of this mat makes it perfect for applying paste, wet, raw, and dry, foods and treat
  • The textured surface makes licking a challenge, which slows eating and prolongs enjoyment
  • Allows you to use a smaller volume of food which decreases the calories and extends mealtime
  • Non-toxic material, microwave proof and frezzer friendly.

Size: 15cm (L) 15cm (W)

Material: Silicone

Cleaning Instructions: Rinse and wash the mat in warm, soapy water once your dog has finished licking up all their food/treats – do not leave the mat with old/dried food and treats attached to the surface